Losing A Loved One Is Painful

Feel the warmth of their presence again. Let me teach you how to connect with them anytime, anywhere in 3 simple guided steps.

Hi, I am Nicole Guillaume, professional psychic medium who has helped over 1,000,000 people online through my Guiding Echoes YouTube channel improve their psychic abilities and spiritual insights into life, love, the afterlife and more!

I received an email from a woman saying “I love your videos and I respect your work. I want to connect with my Grandma, but I can’t afford a reading with you. Can you show me how I can connect with her on my own?”

After getting dozens more questions from people all wondering how they could stay in touch with deceased spouses, children, relatives, and friends, I was inspired to create this course to show non-psychic mediums exactly how it is done.

Connecting with our loved ones on the other side is as natural as picking up the phone to call our friends in another city. The ancients did it all the time. Everyone had access to this….but for some reason, we’ve forgotten how to do it.

In This Course You Will Learn....

  • 3 simple guided meditations and exercises to tap into the spirit and essence of your loved one(s) on the other side.

  • How to remove emotional and spiritual blocks preventing you from connecting with deceased friends, family, and lovers.

  • A safe, guided process for accessing the most important and rich memories from your past (note this can be very emotional and may require breaks).

  • How to prepare for the reunion of reconnecting with your spouse, friend, or family member who has passed away.

  • How to communicate confidently and safely with your loved ones on the other side once the connection has been made.

  • A repeatable, comprehensive method for reconnecting with loved ones whenever and wherever you want.

You Don't Have To Walk Through Life Alone

Access clarity, closure, and comfort from deceased loved ones quickly whenever you need it.


Before you sign up for this course, you may be wondering…..

  • Don’t I have to be a Psychic Medium to communicate with my friends and family members who have passed away?

    Nope! Communicating with the dead was once a normal part of life. Our ancestors understood that our loved ones never leave us. They simply shed their physical bodies and return to the spirit world, which all of us have access to. Communicating with the dead is as natural as breathing, but we have forgotten how to do this.

  • Will I be a Psychic Medium once I complete this course?

    This course was designed so that you could communicate with spirits that you already have a connection to. Being a psychic medium requires years of dedication to learning how to connect with different spirits and energy, which is way beyond the scope of this course. However, you will have a better understanding of how the spirit world works, and you will definitely learn how to communicate with your deceased friends and family members whenever you want. If you would like to receive training as a psychic medium, please visit https://guidingechoes.com/mediumgroup to learn about my online psychic mediumship development circle.

  • How long will this course take?

    Most people will be able to make a connection within three days. However, everyone is a little different, and you may find that you need to go through the last two lessons a few times before making real progress.

  • What if this course doesn’t work for me?

    It will, but you have to give it some time. If you're not having any success with it, take a break from it, and try it again in a few days.

  • How long will I have access to this online course?

    Once you purchase this course, you have access for life! Go through the guided meditation videos whenever you need to. If you ever forget one of steps, you can simply log in and go to the section you need help with.

  • How much does this course cost?

    $47.00 USD and you have access for life! As the course is updated (and it will be) you will gain access to the new and updated lessons at no additional cost.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee if I don't like the course?

    Due to the nature of online courses, refunds are not available for any of the digital products, courses or services offered by Guiding Echoes

Course curriculum

YES! I’m Ready To Connect With My Friends And Family Members In Heaven!

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